Frank's Forks is the premier manufacturer for motorcycle fork tubes in the United States. Established in 1966, Frank's is a family owned and operated business, we custom make past models dating back to the 1949 - all the way through today's newest models. Our company prides ourselves on having materials to custom make most types of fork tubes, including stock, over and under lengths. Unlike many of its competitors, Frank's uses only hard chromed steel for longer life on our products along with vigorous testing of our steel tensile strength. No one in the industry makes the variety or a higher-quality fork tube.

Frank's Forks will happily provide you with the best care for your motorcycle fork tube needs. There is no other after-market manufacturer of American, German, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, and United Kingdom fork tubes in the U.S,. We make a wide range of fork tubes for most motorcycles, ATV and dirt bikes. We also offer worldwide shipping, making your motorcycle maintenance even more efficient for motorcycle owners across the United States and worldwide.
We have the ability to produce custom fork tubes up to 41mm.

Franks forks to please.

If you have any questions, please provide details of your upper fork tube up to 41 mm needs on our contact form or by phone at 847-475-1003.
Hours weekdays, 8:00am-5pm (US Central Standard Time)